Island Line Bike Ferry Updates

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The Fascinating Town In Vermont That Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale


This is a great little promo for the village of South Hero! Of course, the bike path and the Island Line Ferry are mentioned!

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Ferry Sets Records! (And New Fall Hours...)

Labor_Day_crowd.jpgOur Island Line Bike Ferry shattered all existing records of passengers this past Labor Day weekend 2016! Check out the crowds on this gorgeous weekend, enjoying the sunshine while they waited to cross the Cut.  We carried 1,037 people and bikes across The Cut over the three gorgeous bluebird days, chalking up a brand-new one day record on Sunday of 397 riders. The 20-passenger ferry ran non-stop all afternoon each day.

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Young Bike Ferry Rider Earns 10,000th Title


At the Local Motion Bike Ferry, kids come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes the kids are grown up, and out on a final ride before their parents drop them off at college. Other times they’re little ones, slathered in sunscreen and found securely in a tag-a-long. This past Friday, August 26th, one special kid earned the title of the bike ferry’s 10,000th passenger in 2016, and we couldn’t have asked for a better recipient.  What better way to begin our season wind-down?

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The Traveling Lindfields Visit the Island Line

Lindfields.JPGAs fall approaches we begin to reflect on all of the amazing adventures we were able to cram into our short New England summer. It is probably safe to say few families have more stories to tell about the summer of 2016 than the Lindfields of Maine. Take a moment to read their epic journey from Maine to DC and back and see their amazing photos. One of the highlights of their trip? The time they spent in northwest Vermont on the Island Line Trail and Local Motion's bike ferry!

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National Recognition for Island Line Rail Trail


Did you see the Island Line Rail Trail’s shoutout in USA Today? If not you should definitely check it out, but first, check out some of the beautiful pictures we have below in our blog post. And while you're at it, why don't you plan a final summer trip (or two) on the Island Line Causeway!

Read The Article

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Passport to Prizes: Bringing Bikers and Businesses Together

Hall_Home.JPGIf the views or bike-friendly businesses aren’t enough to get you out visiting these new rest areas, perhaps prizes may pique your interest! All August long, cyclists can be a part of the Local Motion’s Passport to Prizes. Start by visiting any of the eight rest areas and pick up a small card that will serve as your ticket to ride.

Start Playing!

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Mr. 5,000

5_002.jpgThis past Friday could have been just like any other day on the Local Motion bike ferry: busy, breezy, and beautiful. Except this day was different, one lucky cyclist would earn the title of 5,000th rider for the 2016 season.

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Invasives Invade

knap4.jpgHave you noticed, while pedaling serenely down the Island Line Causeway under lovely skies, water to the left, water to the right, and out on to the mighty Bike Ferry -- that something else is seeming quite mighty?

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Memorial Day Opening: One to Remember

BikeFerryCookie.jpgBike Ferry? Check.  Staff and crew? Check.  Fuel? Check.  First Aid Kit? Check. Brochures and maps? Check AND check. Weather? Well, would you believe - it was plenty sunny and the temperature? 90 degrees, HOT, HUMID, and HAZY!


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Eight Bike Rest Areas Built on Lake Champlain Bikeway!

rest_area_volunteer_crew_thumb.jpgLocal Motion is proud to announce the opening of eight bike rest areas in the Lake Champlain Islands and Chittenden County.  These timberframed, metal-roofed, all-wood rest areas are GORGEOUS!  

Built by Timberhomes and an awesome group of volunteers, they will give bicyclists shade, a place to eat lunch, and information about local attractions along the popular Lake Champlain Bikeways route.  

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