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Thank You Sponsors, Grantors, Members and Volunteers!

We thank the many businesses, grantors, and individuals who have made generous donations to Local Motion. Without their help along the way, our work would not be possible.

Major Sponsors

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Airbrush Ron
Alchemy Jewelry Arts Collective
Amalgamated Culture Works
American Flatbread Burlington Hearth
Apple Mountain
Auberge Harris
Auer Family Boathouse
Blue Bird Tavern
Burlington Monthly Meeting of Friends
Chittenden Insurance Group
City Market
Crescent Bay B & B
Doug Goodman Photography
Earls Cyclery & Fitness
Eastern Mountain Sports
Fire and Ice Restaurant
Fox Marine
Good News Garage
Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation
Hero's Welcome
Information Gallery
Keeler's Bay Variety
Lake Champlain Chocolates
Lake Champlain Islands Chamber of Commerce
Lake Champlain Regional Chamber
Lange Law Offices
Leunig's Old World Café
Main Street Landing
Mallets Bay Fire Dept. Assoc.
Managed for Good
Marble Island Marina
Merchants Bank
Montstream Studios
Murphy Sullivan Kronk
National Life Group
New Balance
New England Floor Covering
Nordic Skater
North Star Sports
NRG Systems
O'Brien Bros. Agency, INC.
Old Spokes Home
ONE Revolution
Outdoor Gear Exchange
Pat Spielman-Morris Insurance Agency, Inc.
Place Creative
Rhino Foods
Seven Days
Seventh Generation
Silver Maple
Snow Farm Winery
Sojourn Bicycling and Active Vacations
Spectrum Youth & Family Services-SOS
Stone Soup
The Islander
The Spot
Timberline Interactive
Twincraft Soap
Urban Outfitters
VBT Bicycling Vacations
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Vermont Federal Credit Union
Willard Street Inn


AD Henderson Foundation
Addison County Regional Planning Commission
Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization
Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Chittenden Solid Waste District
City of Burlington
Connect Vermont
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund/Doyle Family Charitable Fund
Fletcher Allen Health Care
Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont, Inc.
Governors Highway Safety Program
Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation
Lake Champlain Basin Program
Ray McCarthy Memorial Fund
Vermont Community Foundation
Vermont Dept Forest, Parks & Recreation
Vermont Youth Conservation Corps

Individuals & Families

100's of Bike Donors BRV
Lucy and Alan Abair
Harris and Jan Abbott
Mary Abbott
Harold & Jill Abilock
Kevin Abnet and Julie Dunigan
Alison and John Abry
Bonnie Acker and John Davis
David Adair and Barbara York
John Adams
Mike and Laurie Adams
Susan Adams
Eric Adler
Yiota Ahladas and Joni Avrutick
Jill & Howard Aiken
Susan and Peter Alden
Ray & Cheryl Aley
Carol Allen
Edward Allen
Jeff Allen
Judd Allen
Stephen and Anita Allen
Thomas Allen
Betsy Allen-Pennebaker and Andrew Allen
Nick & Mary Aloi
John Ames, Jr.
Jane and Randy Amis
Ian Anderson
Steven & Kit Antinozzi
Tiki Archambeau and Rebecca Taylor
Phillanne Armstrong
Pamela & Taka Ashikaga
Meg & Jay Ashman
John Atkinson and Hannah Flynn
Charlie Auer & Christine Hebert
Lisa Aultman-Hall and Britt Holmen
Paul and Susan Averill
Linda Ayer
Nat and Linda Ayer
Meredith Babbott
Jason Baer and Julie Sulman
Dan and Karen Bagley
Cindy Bailey
Paul & Anne Bakeman
Priscilla Baker
Roberta Baker
Scott and Kate Baldwin
Sally Ballin
Chet Balon
Iris & Mark Banks
Steve & Lynn Anne Barclay
Andy Barker and Ana Ruesink
Kelley and Mark Barlow
Stephen & Jeanne Barner
Carolyn Barnes
Kevin Barry
Elizabeth Bassett and John Pane
Robert Bast and Laura Carlsmith
Carolyn Bates
Dale & Sarah Baugher
Richard Bazluke
Gregory & Pamela Bean
Christian Behr
Laury Beinert
Carol Bemmels
Birger & Eleanor Benson
Jim Benson
Mark Berch and Joan Stoler
Jorg Berger and Susan Palmer
Marjorie Berger
Joyce & Norman Bergeron
Michael Berglund and Anne McGuire
Frank & Regina Berk
Richard "bunky" Bernstein and Carol Hanley
John Bertelsen and Karla Ferrelli
Dino Bianco
Joe & Wendy Bilodeau
Robert Bing
Robert and Cindy Biral
Doris Bittruf
Skip & Bev Blakely
Kimball Blanchard
Ruth Blauwiekel and Curt Taylor
Barbara and Bruce Blokland
Ernie Blood
J & C Bloomgarden
Kathy Blume and Mark Nash
Debbie Bobilin
Onolee Bock
Sheila Boland Chira and Pat Chiraseveenuprapund Jr.
James & Krissa Bolton
Ethan Bond
Forest Bond
Colette Bonelli
Terry Bonson
Laurie Boomhower
David & Joyce Borthwick-Leslie
Ben and Anne Bosher
John & Janet Bossange
Rita & Rick Bothfeld
Carol Boucher
Joseph Bourassa
Annie Bourdon and Matt Ferrigno
Chris Bourque
Steve and Harrison Boutcher
Deb Bouton and Dan Herman
Andy Bowen and Eric Elsinger
Reynold and Lyn Boyce
Janet Boyden
Matt Brand
John Brennan
Lou and Lois Bresee
Paul and Amy Briody
Don Briselden
Bob & Joan Britt Family
Tom Brogan
Mark Brooks and Mary Powell
Jim Brown and Holly Gathright
Laura Brown
Skip Brown
Harold & Anne Browne
Tom Brownell and Carole Hakstian
Karen Browning
Richard Bruce
Alfred Brunini, Jr.
Gus and Kara Buchanan
Tom Buckley
Lenore & Ralph Budd
Barbara Bull
Terry Burke
Jeannie Burnett
Chuck Burns
Peter Burrage
Amy Cadge
Karen Cady
Daniel Cahill
Bob Cain and Jill Sikora-Cain
Ron Caldwell and Susan Lichtensteiger
Bob & Beverly Camp
Doug & Christine Campbell
Jean Cannon
Leslie Carew
Lyndon Carew
Peggy Carey
Brooke and Ian Carleton
Pat & Robert Carman
Diana Carminati and Roz Grossman
Tracy Carne
Andrea Carr-Evans
Frank Carruth
Elizabeth and John Carvellas
David Casey
Anne and Ted Castle
Nathan & Chris Caswell
Dave Cavanagh and Sharon Webster
Chris and Tom Cavin
Dave Cawley and Patricia Seelan
Bob Cayia
Mary Chaffee
Megan Chamberlain
Pascal Cheng
Louis Chiratti
Genie and Niel Christiansen
Charlie & Darlene Christolini
Viola Chu
Bill and Tanya Cimonetti
Maria Cimonetti
Peg & Ken Clark
Virginia Clarke
Carol Clauss and David Rosen
Karen Claxton
Elissa Close and Christopher Brady
Linda Coffin
Jill & Jamie Coffrin
Lea Coggio
Jeff Cohn
Michael Colbourn
Chris & Leigh Cole
Joanna Cole and Sarah Flynn
Larry and Paula Coletti
John Colt and Karen Cutler
Rachel Comeau and Jeremy Bull
Stephen Comeau
Steve & Mags Conant
Beach Conger and Trine Bech
Rosemarie Conn
Paul Conner
Scott Connolly
Roger Cooke
Warren Coolidge and Dorothy Pumo
Larry Copp and Patricia Weaver
Allan & Katherine Coppock
Warren Cornwall
Roger Costales and Ellen McGinnis
Brian Costello
Alan Cote and Meghan Cope
Janice Couture
Steve and Jan Couzelis
Becky & Dave Cozzens
Dale Critchlow
Don Crofut
Philip A. and Laurie C. Crotty
Timothy Crowell
Robert & Diane Cryan
Celia Cuddy
Neil Curtis
Jack Daggitt
Whitney and Barbara Dall
Greg Dana and Deena Frankel
Sherry Daniels and Ted Yeates
Kathy Davidow and Bud Haas
Marie Davis and Aaron Stein
Howard Dean and Judy Stienberg
Jim Dean
John & Suzanne DeBrosse
Carol and Chester DeLong
Paul Demers
John Denham and Verginia Obrien-Denham
Peter Denitz
Douglas Dennett
Leslye Dentch
Jane Derring
Roger Desnoyer
Jim & Kristin DeVoe-Talluto
Susan DeWind
Adele Dienno and Bob Meijers
John and Alida Dinklage
Peter Dodds and Aimee Picchi
Kyle & Christine Dodson
Karl Doerner
Colene and John Dolan
Frank & Joan Donath
Siobhan Donegan and Vince Brennan
Jim Donovan and Patricia Odonnell
Jeff & Ileen Doppelt
Caroline Dorcey
Bill and Ellen Dorsch
Helen Douglas
Heidi Downey
John Drake
Frank & Kathleen Driscoll
Nancy Drucker/Macone
Paul and Ellen Duane
Lorin and Sharon Duckman
Jim & Marlene Dudley
Doug Dunbebin and Trina Magi
Mary Dunlop
Lane Dunn
Thomas Dunn and Bethany Whitaker
Marilyn and Roger Duval
Hans Dyhrman
George & Gretchen Eckert Jr.
Edward Efchak
Susan Eisenstadt and Karl Miller
Charles Elioseff
David Ellenbogen
Josey Ellis
Russ & Nancy Ellis
Peggy Ellis-Green and David Green
John & Joanna Ellis-Monaghan
Llyn Ellison
Julie & Rich Elmore
Matthew Ennis
Keith Epstein
Zoe Erdman
Christina Erickson
Lester A. and Susan R. Erlemeier
Tom & Marie Eschner
Steve & Cathy Eustis
Dwight Everest
John and Jane Ewing
Douglas Facey and Janice Kerr
Brian Fagan
John Fagan
Terrence Fallon and Thomas Tanner
Troy and Cindy Fanton
Carolyn Farineau
Josh Farley
Bill Feeley and Jenna Khan
Jeff Fehrs and Jill Carberry
Jeff Fellinger
Kathryn Ferger
Theresa Ferrucci
Daniel Fife and Liz Rappaport
Mary Fillmore
Harold Fitch
Kevin Fitton
Doug & Bobbie Flack
Peter and Judy Flaherty
Dan Fleming
Will & Stacey Flender
Brian Flynn and Nancy Baker
Gardner & Antonia Foley
Annie and Andy Follett
Jerry Ford and Elizabeth Lohman
Cheri Forsythe
Frances Foster
William Francis
Aaron Frank
Alan Frank and Mira Fischer
Cathy and Joe Frank
Cheryl Frank and Michael Linn
James Fredericks
Mark & Karen Freudenberger
Roger & Traudi Frey
Kileh Friedman and Robert Dill
Marian Fritz
Jenny Fuller
Nancy & Mike Furlong
Mark Furnari
Carole Furr
Carole & Jay Furr
Roger Gaboriault and Monica Roy
Charles Gagliardi
Bill and Jake Gagnon
Philip Galliga
Joyce Gallimore and Sam Swanson
Steve Garbarino
Nicholas Garcia
Francis Gasparro
Margaret Gatz
Carlie Geer
James Geier
Henry & Berta Geller
John & Emily Gennari
Steve & Barbara George
Roger Gibeault and Mary McGinley
Frank Gibney
Laurie Giles
Brooke & Chris Gillman
Andrew and Connie Gilman
Phil Gingrow
Mark Gitto
Emily Glines
Erik & Diane Glitman
Lucy Gluck and Martha Dallas
Steve Goldberg and Cathie Swyka
Ethan Goldman and Alicia Fish
Michael & Cheryl Goldstein
Amy Golodetz and Gregory Leech
Arnold Golodetz
Beth and Andy Golub
Jane & Steve Goodman
Charles Goodnight
Michael & Lisa Goodrich
Carolyn Goodwin Kueffner
Lewis Gordon
Linda Gort-Walton and Leonard R. Walton
Larry Gould
Pat Goyne
Andy Grab
Alex Graham
Christine Graham
Danielle Graham and Andrew Pedersen
Timothy Grannis and Susan Hurd
Michaela Granstrom
Barbara Grant
Mary Ann Gravel
Susan Greenhalgh and John Page
Helen Greitzer
Catherine and Charles Griffin
Liam Griffin
Sharon and Arthur Grindon
Steve Gronlund
Steve and Jean Gross
Joanna Grossman
Beth Haggart
Tom Hait and Cara Capparelli
George Hall
Leslyn Hall and Jacques Bailly
Dave & Patty Hallam
William Haller and Myra Boenke
Chris Halpin
John Hamerslough
Melinda & Jim Hamilton
Diana Hanks
Sherrill Harbinson
Tom Hark
Bernice Harrington
Jodi Harrington
Susan Harrington
Joseph & Donna Hart
Patricia Hart
Dawn Hartsock
Bill and Carole Hauke
David & Anne Hauke
Peter & Jackie Hawks
Michael Healy and Debra Blumberg
Kathy & Hans Heikel
Dick and Barbara Heilman
Joyce Hendley and Henrik Lumholdt
Bob Herendeen
Bill and Susan Herrington
Jeff Herrman and Sarah Lucy Brothers
Jude & Don Hersey
John Hill
Laurie Hill
Cindi Hines
David and Gwen Hobbs
Paul Hobbs
Louise Klein Hodin
Philip Hoff
George and Judith Hoffer
Betty Hoffman
Mary Hoffman
Martina Hofmann
Steve Hogan
Margaret Holden and Douglas Hyde
Maggie & Andy Holt
Kim Holtan
Christopher Hood
Peter & Mary Neville Hood
Virginia Hood
Michael Hopwood
Gail and Mark Horne
Louisa and Peter Horth
Rick Hubbard and Sally Howe
Mark Hubble
Mike Huber
Laurie Hurowitz
Robert Ingram
Faith Ingulsnid
Claire Innes
Michael, Janice & Emma Interlandi
Sherrie Lee Ireland
David Jacobowitz and Linda Rodd
Peter Jacobsen
Ray Jacoby
Joplin James
Jean Jensen
Anne, Paul & Emma Jobin-Picard
Marilynne Johnson
Ray & Lola Johnson
Marcy and Scott Johnstone
Charlie Jones
Winnie Jones
Tom Joslin
Kelly Kaeding and Mark Davidson
Linda and Joseph Kahn
Doug Kallen
Jon and Anne Kaplan
Bud Kassel
John Kassel and Julie Campoli
Peter Kassel and Carol Irish
Jared Katz
Kathleen and Peter Keating
Beverly Keim and Perry Nunn
Richard Kemp
Paul, Douglas, Betsy & Marga Kempner
William & Charlotte Kennedy
Brian and Kim Kent
Martha and Donald Kent
Gary Kessler and Gayle Belin
Larry Keyes
Mac Keyser
Jennifer Kiewit and John Swepston
Martha & Jay Kikut
Timothy King
Tricia and Todd King
Bob Kiss and Jackie Majoros
Brenda Kissam
Jean Kissner
Don Kjelleren Sr.
Meg Klepack
Mollie Klepack
Chris Kline
Cynthia Knauf
Joan Knight
Wendy Knight
Jane Knodell and Ted Wimpey
Daniel Knox
Edward & Dona Koenemann
Andrew Korb
Lorraine Kourofsky
Pamela Kraynak
Matt Kuivinen
Marney Kuna
Elizabeth & Peter Kunin
Larry Kupferman and Susan Schoenfeld
Bill Laberge
Harlan & Linnea Lachman
Aileen Lachs
Mark and Lisa Lacroix
John Lahr and Karen Miller
Cathy Lambert
Molly & Hank Lambert
Todd Lamothe
Barbara Landan
Brittany Langdon
Dave Lansky
John Larkin
Dave & Uli Larrabee
Randy-Kay and Dale Lavalley
Barry & Patricia Lawrence
Ron Leavitt
Dawn LeBaron
Jim Lefevre and Karen Burke Lefevre
Emily Leibowitz
Bob Leidy
Harold Leitenberg
Sally Lembcke
Erik Leo
Paul Lesure
Robert and Pam Levasseur
Bob & Jill Levis
Larry Lewack and Peggy MacDonald
Barb and Marty LeWinter
Emily Lewis
Jim Libby
Cari-Anne Liberman
Barbara Liberty
Amy Lilly and Perky Gogo
Brian & Ann Lindner
Stu Lindsay
Robin Lloyd
Jean Locicero
Suzanne Loker
Amy Lord and Karl Goetze
Peter Lorrain and Marie Segersteen-Lorrain
Chelsea Mullaney Lowe
James J. and Beverly R. Lowe
Aida & Robert Luce
Edgar Lucey
Walt Luchini
Kathee Ludwig
Lars Lundeen
Scott Luria
Robert Lyman
Shayne Lynn
Alyx Lyons
Dianne Maccario
Mary MacDonald
Laird & Nancy MacDowell
Noelle MacKay
Maggie MacLeay
Sarah MacMillan and Alex Reutter
Perky and Donald Maddocks
Kathy Magill
Steve & Emily Magowan
Karen and David Maher
Mike & Wilhelmina Maher
Martie Majoros
Leigh and Joanie Mallory
Todd Mallory
Ed Manganiello
Ron Manganiello and Ellen Bernstein
Patti and Pat Mannino
Florence Mapes
Scott & Stephanie Mapes
Robert Marantz
Phyllis Marcell
Aaron Marcus
Loretta & Steve Marriott
Gregg and Caroline Marston
Bob and Mary Ellen Martin
Jill Martin
Dorothy & Al Martinez
Michael, Susan, Kevin & Cory Marx
Bert and Marylyn Mason
Malcolm Matthews
Dick Mazza
Maeve McBride and Todd Clason
Jean & Chris McCandless
Dick McCarthy
Nancy McClellan and Elliot Douglas
Susan McCormack
Bill McCreedy
Barbi & Barry McDonald
John McDonald
Ken McEwan
Jim & Meaghan McFadden
Stu McGowan and Joan Watson
Ed and Mary McGuire
Cathy McIsaac
Doug McKain and Ruth Penfield
Jay McKee
Ted McKnight
Patsy McLaughlin
Kate McMahon
Jennifer & Sean McMannon
Michael and Ida McNamara
Glenn McRae and Hollie Shaner-McRae
David Means
Stephen Mease
Tom and Val Medve
Dave and Mary Ellen Mellen
Polly Menendez
Paul & Sonta Menichelli
Tom Mercurio and Helen Head
Sandy Mervak
Laura & Stuart Meyer
Diane Meyerhoff
Wolfgang and Barbara Mieder
Hinda & Joel Miller
Liz & Eric Miller
Matthew Minor
Edward Mitchell
Jim Mogan
Ralph Montefusco
Colleen Montgomery
Matt Moore and Susan Moakley
Keith Morgan
Nancy & Chip Morgan
Andrea Morgante
John Morris
Betty Ann Morse
Robert & Anne Mosher
Pauline Motley
Aimee Motta and Joe Perella
Mary Moynihan
Sharon Muellers and Dave Prodell
Diane Muhr
Ben Mule
Jeff & Mary Munger
Richard Munkelwitz
Kim Murphy
Jim & Kathy Murray
Michael Muzzy
Dorothy Myer
William Neil
Gary Nelson
Nancy Nesbitt
Roy Neuer and Shirley Wolfe
Phyl Newbeck
Barbara Nolfi and Don Schramm
Brian & Angela Norder
Steve Norman
Elizabeth Nystrom
Ida & Jim Nystrom
Josh O Floinn
Cathy and Pat Obrien
Hubert O'Brien
Joseph O'Brien
Mary O'Brien and Mark Lucas
Molly O'brien
Maureen O'Connell
Chris Offensend
William and Kelli Ogden
Doug Olufsen
Dan Opton
Stephanie & Jim O'Rourke
Rose Orr
Gail & David Orser
Amy Otten
Solveig Overby
Marnie Owen and Ethan Hausman
Phyllis Palmer and Wallace Elliott
Mary Val and David Palumbo
Deanna Papaseraphim
Linda & David Park
Penelope Parsons
Tim Parsons and Anne Judson
Ed & Rae Patrick
Sue and Jim Paulsen
Lorna Peal
Brooke Pearson
Marian Pearson
Larry Peaslee
Randy Pebbles
Jan Pechenik
Holly Pedrini
Fred Peet
Jesse Pelton
Lianna Percy
Brian Perkins and Chris Staats
Linda Perry and Thomas Corcoran
Tom and Reenie Peterson
Paul and Sarah Philbrook
Jeff, Lisa, Keith & Rachel Pidgeon
Winston & Mary Pidgeon
Robin Pierce
Timothy Pierce
Nina Pillard
Keith & Penny Pillsbury
Brian Pine and Liz Curry
Noah Pollock
Kate Pond
Alan & Nancy Port
David Porteous and Vicky Smith
Harold and Annie Potts
Michael and Sherry Prehoda
Jeffrey Prescott
Conni Pressman and Alan Louis
Sarah Pribram
Mary Pringle
Judith & Hans Puck
Jeff Quittner
Cathy and Robert Rachlin
Jim Rader and Meg Pond
Edward Rasher and Priscilla Rashere
David & Michelle Rath
Andrew Raubvogel
Lani Ravin and Daniel Ben-Ezri
Ilse Raymond
Bob & Bev Reeves
Bob & Sun Reichel
Betsy Reid
Jesse Remmy
Cynthia Reynolds
Phil & Cyndi Reynolds
Gene and Julie Richards
Cammy Richelli
Susan Ridzon
Kerry Riek
Mercedes Rincon
Susan Rittenhouse
Carolyn Ritter
Jesse Robbins
Janet Rood and Fred Herbolzheener
Ben Rose and Lori Fisher
Michele, Andy & Sarah Rose
Jonathan Rosenberg
Betsy Rosenbluth
Len Rosner
Mark Rowell and Amy Stuart
Anne Rowland
Suki and Alan Rubin
Cathy Rude and Mark Kennedy
Kathleen Ryan
Lesley Ryan and Robert Giroux
Beth Sachs and Blair Hamilton
Susan Saferstein
Aaron Saiger
Joanne Samuels
Mary Ann Samuels and Andrew Naughton
Jonathan and Peggy Sands
Whit Sanford
Thomas Savarino
Amy Sayre
Stuart C. Schaffner
Howard Schapiro and Jan Carroll Schaprio
Ken Schatz and Trinka Kerr
Ronald and L Sheryl Scheiblauer
Daniel & Mattie Scheidt
Kay Frances Schepp
Bob and Gail Schermer
Margot Schips
Mary Schips
Daniel Schmidt
Fred Schmidt
Frank Schnell
Rich Schnell
Meredith and Chris Schuft
Kathleen Schulte
Eric Schulz and Cathy Tilley
Jim Schweithelm
Cynthia Scott
Brian and Elizabeth Searles
Tim Seaver
Linda Seavey and Carl Frenning
Jason Segelman
George Seivwright
Jeff Seivwright and Kim Bruno
Wayne Senville and Lila Shapero
Joe & Susan Sessock
Joelle Sevigny
Joan Shannon and Ken Grillo
Tammy Shannoon
Steven Shapiro and Marilyn Cipolla
Rick Sharp
Horace Shaw
Steven Shea
Elly Sheerin
Larry and Sue Shirland
Marti & Julien Shoemaker
Carolyn Siccama
Eva Simon
Tom Simon and Carolyn Hanson
Lydia Simpson
Michael and Susan Sinclair
George Singer
Norm Skorstad and Mary Grove
Marilyn Smith
Susan Smith
Virginia & Paul Smith
Katherine Snead
Chris & Elizabeth Snyder
Laura Solomon
Bill Sorrell
Elaine Soto
Lynn & Ralph Soule
Sallie Soule
Carol Spence
Chapin Spencer and Rebecca Grannis
Mike, CS, Tad, Will & Leslie Spencer
Marga and Glenn Sproul
Christoher and Christine Staffa
K & A Stamper
Anne Standish
Kerry & Jason Stanley
Joyce & Robert Stannard
Gene & Kimberly Steinfeld
Gary Steller
David Stember
Bob Stewart
Allie Stickney
Ian Stokes
Neil Stout
Jennifer Strickler
Patrick Strom
Donna Stuart
Jason Stuffle
Andre and Sharon Sturm
Raymond Sullivan
Kimberly Sultze
Ruah Swennerfelt and Louis Cox
Pierre Swick
James and Ann Swift
Jean Szilva
Deb & Hector Tamayo
John & Kathryn Tampas
Joseph Tansey
Betty Taylor
John Taylor
Davis Te selle and Stephanie Kaza
Christine and Howy Tepper
Lea Terhune and Chuck Seleen
Dawn and Steven Terrill
George Thabault and Candelin Wahl
Carol Thayer
Al Thibault
Ryan Thibault
Deborah Thomas
Fran & Dave Thomas
Pat Thornton
Phyllis Tiffany
Steve Titcomb
Helen Toor
John & Margaret Toor
Lisa Torchiano and Kahlil Zaloom
Arliene Torre
June Torrisi
Larry Torrisi
James Tranowski
Mary Esther Treat and Mike Colburn
Sharonlee Trefrey
Carol and Roland Tremble
Wayne Turiansky and Ed Cawley
Keren Turner and Mark Peterson
Mary Twitchell
Joan and Megan Urie
Robert Vallie
Jason Van Driesche and Susan Munkres & Amelia
Roy Van Driesche and Sheila Marks
Chris & Luc Van Genechten
Barbara Van Raalte
Els, Kay, Ned & Kristen Van Woert
Dina Lynn Vargo
Bruce and Lillian Venner
Margaret Viets
Robert & Theresa Villemaire
Mark Vincent
Luis Vivanco and Peggy O'Null
Roman Vogel
Andrea Vogl
John Voight
Lawrence and Donna Waksman
Joannie Wales and Leigh Steel
Marti Walker
Charlene Wallace and Leah Wittenberg
Charles Wallace
Kevin and Rebecca Walters
Deane & Carolynne Wang
Julie Wasserman and Eric Strong
Bethia Waterman
Randy Waterman
John Watson
Jan Watt
Joe Watts
Lanny Watts and Diane Montgomery-Logan
Richard Watts
Richard Watts and Allison Cleary
George & Norma Webb
Susan & Seward Weber
Bob Weirick
Pat & Mike Weisel
Danny Weiss
Ed Weiss
Lee Weltman
Bryan and Beverly Wemple
Alison & Carl Wermer
Douglas Werner
Susan Wertheimer
Mathew and Heidi Western
Lew & Ann Wetzel
Jodi Whalen
Carol Wheeler
Dean Wheeler
Gail Wheeler
Neil Wheelwright
David & Susan White
Clover Whitham
Robert Wiita
Bart Wilcox
Ed & Mary Williams
Hugh & Diane Williams
Jane Williams
Jerry Williams
Steve Williams
Lauren Wilson
Mary & John Wilson
Amy Wise
Kevin Wise
Ellen Wollensack and David Bardaglio
Nancy Wood
Michael & Valerie Wood-Lewis
Kevin & Kirstin Worden
Bob Wright
Kurt Wright
Karen & Don Yaggy
Renee Yagoda
Li Ling Young and Nik Ponzio
Zed Zabski
Kahlil Zaloom
Peter & Rosemary Zamore
Bob & Pat Zeliff
Terry Zigmund
Bob and Mae Zimmer
Judy & John Zimmerman
Vicki Zion




Volunteer Key: BRV = Bike Recycle Vermont, EVENTS = Special Events, FERRY = Bike Ferry, TRAIL FINDER = Trail Finder, SAFETY = Education & Safety, SCHOOL = Safe Routes to School, OFFICE = Office & Special Projects

100's of Bike Donors BRV
Nick Abad BRV
Joey Abajian BRV
Mike & Laurie Adams BRV
Jon Adams-Kollitz ADVOCACY
Deng Ajena BRV
Amy Alfieri FERRY
Dylan Allen BRV
Bonnie Anderson BRV
Tiki Archambeau EVENTS
Katherine Armstrong FERRY
Shoshi Aronowitz BRV
Meg Ashman FERRY
Charlie Auer ADVOCACY
Trevor Avant BRV
Abdulahi Awayle BRV
Mohamed Awayle BRV
Kelley Barlow FERRY
Erin Barnaby FERRY
Jacob Barrett FERRY
David Bearce & Amanda Gillett BRV
Carla Beatson OFFICE
Jordan Benkov BRV
Margie Berger FERRY
Boris Berkovich BRV
Rich Berry BRV
Eric Bessette BRV
Sue Bette EVENTS
Hallie Bidwell BRV
Andrew Black BRV
Andre Bolduc BRV
Jesse Booth BRV
Lydia Bouricius BRV
Lou Bresee EVENTS
Paul Briody BRV
Silas Bronson OFFICE
Aaron Brown BRV
Madeleine Brown OFFICE
Karen Browning FERRY
Dianna Buckley FERRY
Abdi Bulle BRV
Dominic Burnett BRV
Peter Burns & Aneca Corvot BRV
Chris Burrows BRV
Ellen Cairns FERRY
Matt Callahan BRV
Julian Calleja BRV
Pat Carmen EVENTS
Laura Carpenter BRV
Renard Carranza BRV
Bruno Choiniere BRV
Genie & Neil Christiansen FERRY
Jeremiah Church BRV
Sarah Clark BRV
Peg Clement FERRY
James Clune OFFICE
Dave Cohen BRV
Dale Conger BRV
Paul Conner FERRY
Warren Coolidge FERRY
Brian Cota BRV
Jeremy Cote BRV
Ryan Cotu BRV
Steve Couzelis FERRY
Brandon Covey BRV
Don & Anne Crawford BRV
Carrie, Larry & Katie Davis FERRY
Jordan Davis FERRY
Colin Dees BRV
Bryant Desautels BRV
Dusty Desautels BRV
Johnny & Denis Devac BRV
Jonathan Dirubbo BRV
Sue Donahue SAFETY
Jack Drake FERRY
Andrew Driscoll BRV
Max Droney BRV
Alex Dube BRV
Alan Dufresne BRV
Paul Duquette BRV
Steve Dushon EVENTS
Emilio Elliott BRV
Josey Ellis EVENTS
Christina Erickson ADVOCACY
Susan Essex FERRY
Lonnie Fairchild FERRY
Phil Fandel BRV
Tim Farbisz FERRY
Matthew A. Ferrigno EVENTS
Jacob Flanigan BRV
Annie Follett EVENTS
Kai Mikkel Forlie FERRY
William Francis FERRY
Cathy & Joe Frank FERRY
Trav Fryer BRV
Joyce Gallimore FERRY
Carlie Geer FERRY
Lucy Gluck & Martha Dallas BRV
Lauren Godes EVENTS
Christine Goldsborough FERRY
Frank Gonzales BRV
Randy Gonzalez BRV
Doug Goodman EVENTS
Danielle Graham EVENTS FERRY
Ross Guberman BRV EVENTS
Russell Gutterson BRV
Harrison R. Hagan BRV
Dave & Patty Hallam FERRY
Karl Haloj EVENTS
Chris Halpin FERRY
John Hamerslough FERRY
Phil Hammerslough BIKE PARKING
Brian Hanson FERRY
Mickey Hardt ADVOCACY
Kristine Harootunian INTERVALE SKIING
Jodi Harrington FERRY
Rich Haskell SAFETY
Sue Hayward FERRY
Michael Healy & Debra Blumberg BRV
Christine Hebert ADVOCACY
Dick & Barbara Heilman FERRY
David V. Herlihy EVENTS
Bill & Susan Herrington FERRY
Charles & Ellen Hill FERRY
Christine Hill BRV
Dan Hock BRV
Maggie & Andy Holt FERRY
Sally Howe FERRY
Rick Hubbard & Sally Howe FERRY OFFICE
Sam Hughes BRV
Tom Hyde FERRY
Scott Igo BRV
Matthew Innes BRV
David Jacobowitz & Linda Rodd BRV FERRY
Ray Jacoby FERRY
Kasey Japhet BRV
Jim Jean BRV
Anne, Paul & Emma Jobin-Picard EVENTS FERRY
Erik Johnson BRV
Raushan Kamirov BRV
Devon & Kevin Karn FERRY OFFICE
Peter Kassel FERRY
Kevin Kelley EVENTS
Morgan Kelner FERRY
Ben Kendrick BRV
Damien Kieu BRV
Michael Kirby BRV
Carter Kittell BRV
Phoebe Kittredge EVENTS
Meg Klepack BRV
Mollie Klepack BRV
Joan Knight BRV
Abe & Eric Koval BRV
Edgar Koval BRV
Luke Krisch EVENTS
Marney Kuna EVENTS
Larry Kupferman & Susan Schoenfeld BRV
Leo Kyawlthway BRV
Greg LaClalir BRV
Elliot Lafferty BRV
Colby Lahaie FERRY
Brittany Langdon BRV
Andrew Lange BRV
Gary Lange FERRY
Paris LaPlant BRV
Joseph LaRiviere BRV
Ron Leavitt EVENTS
Paskal & Samantha Lenderfine BRV
Erik Leo FERRY
Bryce Leveillee BRV
Josh Limoge BRV
Ron & Paula Line BRV
Erina Luciano BRV
Caleb Lyman BRV
Perky & Don Maddocks FERRY
Nick Magner BRV
Declan Maley BRV
Leigh Mallory EVENTS
Ron Manganiello & Ellen Bernstein BRV
Ellen Marsden FERRY
Stephen Marshall BRV FERRY
Susan Marx FERRY
Maeve McBride FERRY
Gary McCafferty FERRY
Patrick McHenry EVENTS FERRY
Jonathan McMahon BRV
David Means BRV
Bob Meijers FERRY
Polly Menendez BRV
Steve Miller ADVOCACY
Daniel Mitchell BRV
Jim & Patty Mogan FERRY
Dustin Moore BRV
Roscoe Morganne BRV
Nathan Morrill BRV
Steven Moulton BRV
Sharon Muellers FERRY
Jacob Mushlin BRV
Tom Myhre BRV
Nancy Natvig FERRY
Jonathan Nelson BRV
Nancy Nesbitt FERRY
Phyl Newbeck EVENTS
Sean Newell BRV
Brian Nguyen BRV
Steve Norman BRV
Lauren Ober FERRY
Kaitlin O'Donnell BRV
Cullen O'Neil BRV
Stephanie & Jim O'Rourke FERRY
Phillip Ortego BRV
Jan Robert Ozanich BRV
Mieko Ozeki ADVOCACY
Ben Pacelli BRV
Chris Pamboukes BRV
Tim Parsons & Anne Judson BRV EVENTS
Chip Patullo FERRY
Noah Patullo FERRY
Sue & Jim Paulsen BRV FERRY
Mimi Pearson FERRY
Holly Pedrini EVENTS
Lucy Perutz BRV
Paul & Sarah Philbrook FERRY
James Pieper-Locolo BRV
Kyle Thomas Poirier BRV
Josh Poppel EVENTS
Malik Pratt BRV
Conni Pressman EVENTS FERRY
Dorothy Pumo FERRY
Megan Rabinowich OFFICE
Ellie Reddington FERRY
Ron Reynolds BRV
Caleb Rollins BRV
Geralyn Roscoe FERRY
Zack Rouda BRV
Emily Rozanski FERRY
Laura Rose Russell OFFICE
Ben Sachs-Hamilton FERRY
Eduardo Sales BRV
Paulette Salfen FERRY
Matti Salminen BRV
Michael Salmon BRV
Mary Ann Samuels FERRY
Rebecca Sananes BRV
Anne Marie Santos BRV
Bob & Gail Schermer BRV
Amanda Schoen BRV
Kathy Schulte FERRY
Willas Segar-Reid BRV
Jason Segelman FERRY
Ben Shafer-Rickles BRV
Barb Shane FERRY
Steve Shapiro FERRY
Kim Simonds FERRY
Rylan Sirianni BRV
Angela Smith SAFETY
Kathleen Smith BRV
Adam Snow BRV
Dan Sobel BRV
Matt Spinney BRV
Kate StormoGipson BRV
David Stowell BRV
Katherine Sullivan FERRY
Sam Swanson FERRY
Pierre Swick BRV
Dana Taussig FERRY
Alicia Taylor SAFETY
Ed Tucker FERRY
Ike Tucker FERRY
Jeanne-Yvonne Tucker FERRY
Wayne Turiansky FERRY
Iori Ueki BRV
Malgosia Urbanowicz FERRY
Joan Urie FERRY
Dixie Vallie FERRY
R.J. Vallie FERRY
Rebecca Van Dyke FERRY
Chris & Luc Van Genechten FERRY
Luis Vivanco ADVOCACY
Nick Walge BRV
Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur SAFETY
Ruth Wallman FERRY
Liz Walman EVENTS
Benjamin Wares BRV
Seth Warhol-Streeter BRV
Randy Waterman FERRY
Sean Weadock BRV
Jeff Wehrwein BRV
Mark Weinberg EVENTS
Henry Weinstock FERRY
Carol Wheeler FERRY
Serena Whitridge BRV
James Wilcox ADVOCACY
Gabriel Williams BRV
Girca & Gabe Williams BRV
Hugh & Diane Williams FERRY
Mary & John Wilson FERRY
Dan Wright BRV
Judy Wright BRV
Jeff Yeager EVENTS
Sequoia Young BRV FERRY
Rosemary & Peter Zamore FERRY
Leah Zeigler BRV


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